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Phan Thiết, Vietnam


A little while ago, we were in Phan Thiết, Vietnam! We organized the women’s world championships of carving and had this clip made during our time over there. The theme of the competition was stories and fairytales, but that wasn’t all we did! We also built and designed the entire park. So, over here we would love to show you some sketches of what that process exactly looks like.

We ended up with  a large sand sculpture park surrounded by greenery with games for children and areas to relax and have a drink in the shade of a palm tree. Tales from all over the world compared.

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As you can see a lot of architectural planning comes into play when designing such a park. First we like to sketch up a lot because it gives us more freedom to think. Then, once we get the actual plans and overview of the building site, we start dividing and moving our sketches into the possible grids.

Below you will find a picture of what a building site actually looks like once we’re ready with all the plans.

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